Thinking Of Improving Your Home? Consider Having A Conservatory Built.

One of the major forms of home improvement that is currently experiencing a “boom” in popularity at the moment is the home conservatory.

What Is A Conservatory?

These are home extensions that are designed to be simple additions to either the front or the rear of the property, with a brick base wall and glass sides and (generally) a glass roof.

Conservatories are very popular in particular with people living in detached and semi detached homes due to their surplus garden space.

Why I Should Consider Having A Conservatory Built On My Home?

Quick Reasons Why:

1) Price – Generally cheaper than most home improvements (other than smaller scaled projects such as refits).
2) Simplicity – Minimal disruption and relatively simple to build.
3) You can do anything with a conservatory – Self explanatory, the possibilities are endless.
4) Adds Value – Roughly 7% in the value of the price can be added to a home once a conservatory is built.

People also tend to choose conservatories over and above more complex forms of home improvement also due to the fact that there are generally additional complexities associated with other types of home improvement, for example with loft conversions (certain types) you may require planning permission, the same applies to two storey home extensions, basement conversions are more complex because they often require cellar tanking and extensive excavation (both time consuming and expensive).


People seem to like the simplicity of the conservatory, so much so that it is the most popular form of home extension in the north west of England.

Areas in particular that are showing increases in the number of people having conservatories built (in Greater London) are both Ealing & Bromley with a marked increase in individuals making enquiries with local building companies’ in these parts of London.

For those of you looking for An Ealing Conservatory Builder or Bromley Conservatories you can visit either of those sites or conduct a search online for a suitable building company to carry out the work for you.

DIY Conservatory?

Attempting to “do it yourself” is popular amongst DIY experts and home improvement enthusiasts alike, however it is not recommended to attempt to build a conservatory unless you have the specific experience required.

Hiring a company to build your conservatory is generally the best way to have one built, mainly because if there are mistakes made they can be highly awkward to put right, so it is recommended to search for a reputable home extensions company rather than handle it yourself.

Making sure you hire the best possible building firm for the job is imperative, you need to ensure that the company will be available to carry out the work in accordance with the plans and on schedule to be completed in an acceptable time-scale.

Be sure to search for a reputable building company first before beginning proceedings, and check their portfolio of previous works before beginning the project with them.

Also make sure that are parties are clear on the plans and the correct materials are being sourced by the company carrying out the project for you.